Settle in with these weekend reads

Settle in with these weekend reads

(CNN) –

The US has quietly funded and equipped elite paramilitary police officers in El Salvador who are accused of illegal executions in the fight against gangs like MS-13.

A convicted killer is one of thousands of shady drivers who cleared screening processes. Here’s how rideshare companies have fought stronger checks.

Michael Avenatti’s law firm was suddenly forced into bankruptcy by a minor debt. The timing let him avoid being questioned in an $18 million dispute.

Trans people fighting for gender affirming care face long waits and repeated insurance denials. And it’s taking a heavy toll.

The children of immigrants haven’t forgotten how they were targeted in one of California’s last conservative strongholds. Now, they hope to flip it.

Two years ago, Mike Costello moved into a racially diverse Atlanta neighborhood as part of an initiative to better integrate police officers with the cities they patrol. He’s out to prove to his community that he’s there to help.

When Dominique Crenn was named the world’s best female chef by the prestigious World’s 50 Best Restaurants List in 2016, she was honored. She was also outraged.

For more than a decade, states have fueled the expansion of Amazon Prime, protecting its low prices and helping the company pad its coffers, writes tax attorney Paul Rafelson. Now it’s time to explore whether Prime should be free.